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We are a toupee wigs factory in China, company name is Double Show Hair, we started from a trader in toupee hair market, but we were not completely satisfied with the long time the inconsistent quality of  toupee they made. Thus, we decided to invest into a hair toupee manufacturer of our own, so we could control the quality, customer care, production time, and cost. We also sought the most innovative people in the industry to help us develop our premium Hair System. As the quality of our wigs became better and better, our brand LA VIWESS HAIR was born.
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If you currently get your hair system somewhere else we would love the opportunity to work with you. Give us a try. We are certain you will be thanking yourself for doing so. The bottom line is if you want a top quality hairpiece, wholesale pricing, expedited delivery, and good caring service you should become a customer here.
We will always offer the highest quality, customer service, and delivery. We Care!
We are the hairpieces manufacturer you can depend on.